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What Designing A Custom Modern Home Looks Like

Designing a home is a big decision, but when we work together, you’ll have a partner that guides you through each phase to make it an easy and enjoyable process. Designing a home that is unique to your needs will be one of the greatest journeys of your life.

Here’s how we will guide you through your design journey.

Phase 1: Define Your Ideal Living Environment

Your design journey starts with a conversation to understand your lifestyle, who you are, what inspires you, and capture your unique needs to create a warm and inviting home so you meet each day with enthusiasm.


There are three areas to uncover in this phase :

1.1 Define your home requirements

To begin, we’ll identify the requirements of your home. This includes essential items like the budget, square footage, number of rooms and baths, in addition to the other spaces you need to create an ideal living environment such as a gym, sauna, or luxurious bathroom.

1.2 Examine your day to day lifestyle

Where do you spend your time in your home? What creates an ideal space for rest, relaxation, rejuvenation, deep thought, play, and work? What do you need from your home to create a warm and inviting home that promotes well-being? We’ll uncover all of this and more to begin our journey.

1.3 Set the mood of your home

Here we will conduct an exercise relying on four senses: sight, hearing, touch, and smell to draw out your preferences. This will help us create a visual center for your home that guides the aesthetic design process. We’ll uncover which materials and textures you prefer, colors that inspire you, and how you would like your environment to make you feel.

Phase 2: Design Your Vision

Good architectural design is a relationship between the four elements: light, water, earth, and air. We’ll design your home to experience at least two of the four main elements at all times to create a warm and inspiring home. In phase two, we uncover these key elements at your property and integrate them into your design vision as we defined in phase 1.


The four elements and examples of how they can materialize in your home are:

01. Air

The home should breathe by itself. A well ventilated home is critical for good health and can minimize the resources you use to cool or warm your house. Achieving this is an interplay between wind direction, orientation, and height of your home.

02. Earth

How you incorporate and maximize views, sightlines, and how we integrate the home into the terrain have a powerful effect on the living environment we create and the well-being it promotes.

03. Water

We’ll explore unique ways to create harmony in your home through the use of natural ponds, relaxing water features, spas, and water capture methods.

04. Light

Windows that draw in natural daylight, fireplaces that create soothing environments, and the interior and exterior lighting of your home to achieve specific moods.

Here’s the process to bring the four elements to life in your home:

2.1 Preliminary site analysis

First we’ll do a review of your land to assess how we’ll combine the four elements and your home requirements together to assure harmony is achieved in your home.

2.2 Sketching, rendering, and diagram development

Through a process of sketches we’ll lay out your floor plan and fill in with the finer details where your rooms, bathrooms, common spaces, and views are located as we move onto renders and diagrams. This step allows you to provide design input early on, helping you avoid unnecessary rework during the building phase.

2.3 Develop and detail the sketches

We’ll transform your home design into a 3D model to help you visualize your spaces and bring your design to life with textures and colors to ensure we design your unique home to your liking. This step also helps your builder understand precisely what you desire. With your approval, we move onto the final plans of your home.

Bridge House (2)

Phase 3: Breathe Life Into Your Vision

The final phase in your design journey culminates with breathing life into your vision and turning your design into a reality. We will be your advocate working with the builder to ensure your home is built exactly as we envisioned.

3.1 From our brain to the site

Throughout the construction process we meet regularly with the builder to ensure your home gets built as you envisioned in phase one.

3.2 We guide the builder

After your design is complete, we work directly with the builder to inform them on the plan we’ve created before construction begins in order to keep your project on schedule and in budget.

3.3 Your vision becomes reality

We culminate with the best part of the entire process: your vision of an ideal living environment becomes a reality when you move into your unique home.

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