Hamida Architects

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Your Life is Unique, Your Home Should Be Too

We believe a well-designed home should:
  • Promote well-being, physically, socially, and mentally.
  • Reflect your unique style and identity.
  • Help you achieve harmony by connecting you to natural elements.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of people are not living in a home like this.

Most homes today are mass produced without consideration for the landscape, surrounding elements, and the lifestyles of the individuals living in the home.

This leaves people feeling unsatisfied, depleted, and like their living in someone else’s space.

That’s why we exist. To design modern homes that reflect your unique needs, helping you achieve well-being.

When we work together, we’ll take you through a journey to define your ideal living environment, design a home that captures your vision, and finally, we’ll breathe life into your vision by being your advocate from beginning to end throughout the construction process.

With a home designed to your unique needs and lifestyle, harmony will be achieved creating a warm and inviting home that helps you meet each day with enthusiasm.

Whether it’s enjoying a glass of wine around your outdoor fireplace with friends, spending time in an office space that allows deep work to flow effortlessly, or meditating next to a relaxing water feature, life’s greatest moments will be accentuated.

Rest, relaxation, inspiration, deep work, and connection will be achieved.

The Hamida Design Philosophy

What Makes Great Design

The Big Idea : A big idea is what separates your home from all others. Without the big idea, a home is just glass, walls, floors, and roof. A big idea creates a sense of character that mirrors your vision.

Experiential : Your home isn’t just a space to live in. It’s something to experience. Each space should generate an emotion, a desired mood, and create harmony by working with each other and the four elements (water, air, light, earth).

Craft : The details matter, otherwise the design looks arbitrary and unintentional. The big move of your home should flow effortlessly into the details, and all elements, like the materials of your home must communicate with each other.

Minimal : Less is more. Good design makes life simpler. Take only what we need and use only what’s necessary to allow the big move and key elements of your home to stand out.

Functional : Your home should be designed based on how you move through the space and accommodate your needs to create an inviting home.

Don’t Settle For A Home That Wasn’t Designed For You

Begin your design journey.