Hamida Architects

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Your Home Designed To Your Lifestyle|

We believe unique & sophisticated architectural design is a relationship between light, water, earth & air. Experiencing at least two of the four main elements at all times will not only result in optimal design, but a warm and inspiring lifestyle.

From the car you drive, to your wardrobe, and your taste in wine and beverage, everything you select is purposeful and by design. All except for your home.

Homes today are built at a scale without consideration for the natural landscape, design style, and lifestyle of those that live in them. We believe in thoughtfully designed homes that create, inspire, and promote physical, social, and mental well-being.

When your home, lifestyle, and natural landscape are in harmony, rest, relaxation, inspiration, deep work, and connection are accentuated.

 – Create & Inspire Physical, social, and mental wellbeing

 – Reflect Your unique style, life, and identity

 – Connect To the surrounding natural elements

Don’t fit into someone else’s vision of what living should look like, You were designed for more…

Our Services

Creative Architectural Design

A warm and inviting home that inspires your unique lifestyle is achieved when the design incorporates indoor and outdoor experiences creating a constant flux between light, air, water, and earth.

Experiential Interior Design

When exterior and interior design work in harmony, it heightens your moods, eliminates boundaries, and promotes well-being.

Harmonious Hardscape + Landscape Design

Great design should not just shelter you from the 4 elements, it should connect you and create seamless transitions from indoor to outdoor living.

You’ve worked too hard to be living in a home that was designed for someone else.

Your Life is Unique, Your Home Should Be Too