Hamida Architects

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Los Angeles, California
4,230 SF
Project Credits
Hamida Architects

The Big Idea : 

The communication of light & material and how it informs the mental and physical well being of an interior environment.

Client Aspiration : 

Natural Light is all around us, and isn’t used the way it should be. Dark, unlit spaces cause low and depressed moods. Rather than captivating and harnessing its potential, traditional homes shield you against it. 

Our Guidance : 

A design response to this was to integrate more natural light into the home through strategic placement of glass and material. This strategic placement tracked how the home responds to the sun at different times of the day and year, creating the opportunity for shadows into the interior. Understanding how each material communicates with light was critical as soft materials absorb and hard materials reflect contributing to the overall mood of the home. The mood of a home is the mood of the owners who reside in it.