Hamida Architects

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Bridge House

Marble Falls, Texas
Site Area
44,388 SF
3,286 SF
Project Credits
Hamida Architects | Gessner Engineering |

The Big Idea : 

Replace a hallway with glass enclosed bridges that connect you to nature while providing seamless access to separate & intimate spaces.

Client Aspiration : 

The primary concern of the client was to have privacy in their master suite while still being able to access the rest of the home. In a typical home the hallway or corridor takes you from one room to another, but usually those corridors are restricted in space and feel tight. While the traditional method of a hallway was always used to connect you from space to space, why can’t the transitions to those spaces be enhanced by connecting you to beautiful views.

Our Guidance : 

By playing with the idea of what a hallway is, the big idea behind this home was to connect three distinct functions by a glass bridge. The distinct functions are a master bed suite, Living / Kitchen space and the guest quarter. By connecting these spaces by a glass bridge, the transition of experiences become more alive. The idea of a hallway becomes blurred and views to the natural surroundings become a journey of the experience.